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How to Learn on Barmej

Learn different programming languages in Arabic, step by step.

If you’re a complete beginner with no coding background and would like to learn a new programming language, this platform is designed for you.

Join over0students from around the world and learn to code in Arabic on Barmej.com

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How to Learn on Barmej

Choose Your Preferred Track

You can choose from a number of Arabic tracks teaching various programming languages. Select your preferred track and start!

Watch Video Lessons

Learn by watching Arabic video lessons that explain programming concepts in a simplified and enjoyable way.

Test Your Knowledge

After completing a lesson, you’ll have a chance to test your knowledge by taking a quick quiz

Face Code Challenges

Throughout a track, you’ll put your coding skills to test by completing different code challenges.

Starting Coding and Unleash Your Skills

Each track contains various guided projects and tasks that help you to start coding immediately.


Towards a New Generation of Arab Coders

Stemming from our belief in the importance of developing coding skills in the Arab World, we’ve designed this platform and its content entirely in Arabic to help cultivate a new generation of talented Arab Coders.

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Simplified Lessons

All lessons are designed by our experts for anyone who wants to learn code

Practice Coding

Learn a new programming language and practice it immediately on the platform

High Quality Videos

Learn by watching high quality video lessons in Arabic

Full Arabic Content

To help the Arab World learn coding, Barmej’s entire content is in Arabic

A Variety of Tracks

Explore the latest programming languages through various tracks

Help on Demand

Get help immediately from our instructors whenever you face an obstacle

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