Barmej Press Kit

About Barmej

Barmej is the first interactive online platform for learning programming in Arabic.

Barmej’s story

Barmej was founded by Ahmad Marafi and Hashim Behbehani after they went through the experience of starting an e-commerce startup and noticed the clear shortage of Arabic coders in the market. From that point, Ahmad and Hashim went on to found “Coded”, the first coding academy in the Middle East, located in Kuwait.

From Coded’s growth and success, the founders validated that the there is a thirst and passion for learning programming in the Arab world, correlated with the ever-increasing demand for talented coders in the Middle East. Unfortunately, most Arabs struggle to find high quality online Arabic resources for learning coding in a simplified, interactive, and affordable way.

To solve this problem, Barmej was founded as the first free world-class interactive platform dedicated exclusively to teaching coding in Arabic, with the goal of enabling the Arab world to gain this essential skill and build their tech ideas at the highest level.

Barmej’s Mission

Our mission is to enrich coding education in the Arab world in order to cultivate a generation of world-class Arab coders.

Main Features

Simplified Coding Lessons

Our experts design lessons suitable for learners across all levels

High Quality Videos

Learn from lessons delivered through videos of the highest quality

Code Challenges

Immediately practice your new coding skills by overcoming code challenges


Make sure you’ve understood every concept by completing quick quizzes after watching a lesson

Different Tracks

Our platform contains a variety of tracks teaching different programming languages and technologies

Arabic Explanations

The platform and its entire content are in Arabic

On Demand Support

Get speedy support from our team of instructors whenever you get stuck

Barmej Community

Interact, ask, learn, and connect with other Barmej users on our community page

Free for Everyone

Everyone can sign up and learn on Barmej entirely for free