Barmej Press Kit

Market Highlights

Key takeaway: $200b spent on IT sector in MENA in 2016; software being the highest growing segment.


Key takeaway: The digital skills most highly prized by employers in all sectors are almost absent among GCC digital professionals. Of the 10 skills in highest demand in the UAE, for example, six were technical. However, digital professionals in the GCC have none of these digital skills in the top 20 that they list on their LinkedIn profiles


Key takeaway: MENA countries have yet to produce enough workers with ICT skills to meet the current demand and will face increasing challenges to sustaining growth of the talent pool sufficient to keep up with projected accelerating future demand. Key Takeaway: In order to absorb both unemployed workers and new entrants, MENA economies will need to create nearly 100 million jobs by 2020. Much of this growth could be ICT related


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